Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup

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Gail Hall was a red seal chef, educator, entrepreneur, media personality, food writer and trendsetter on both the local and national food scenes. Over two decades she led 30 culinary tours to local, national and international destinations, bringing the recipes and stories back home to be broadcast on TV and radio. She was a featured presenter at Christmas in November at the Jasper Park Lodge for 22 years, a regular contributor to Avenue Magazine (and other publications), CBC Edmonton's food columnist for five years and an original foodie, who promoted local producers and the carrying out of good, clean, local sustainable food practices.

Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup is a memoir written by Twyla Campbell, who cooked, ate and judged food events with Gail during their 13-year friendship. The memoir details Gail's journey through life as a Jewish kid from Toronto who grew up to challenge religion, explore the world and leave a corporate job to follow her passion into the world of food. Campbell reveals the highs Gail Hall experienced running an award-winning, multimillion dollar catering company, the lows of bankruptcy following the events of 9/11 and her brave re-entry into Edmonton's food scene with Seasoned Solutions, a loft cooking school she ran out of her downtown condo for 10 years.

The author weaves together the emotional elements of success, disaster, love, heartbreak and humour in this touching story of a woman who inspired thousands. Maps, Markets and Matzo Ball Soup includes 30 recipes, family pictures and insights highlighting Gail's business practices. Gail died of respiratory failure as a complication of breast cancer in November 2016, but her spirit lives on.

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